Who we are?

Ann Arbor Data Dive (A2D2) is a student organization residing in University of Michigan School of Information. A2D2’s goal is to create a collaborative environment to promote:

Data is a hot topic, but not a new one. We think it’s important to help people of all levels feel empowered to use data – and have fun while diving into it. Whether you are a master or a novice, let’s grow together by practicing basic to state-of-art data science techniques.

Many important organizations that serve our region have limited resources that restrict their ability to collect or analyze data in meaningful ways. Helping to accomplish small projects and present ideas or lessons for a non-profit’s data work can have a lasting impact to the community and the society.

What do we provide?

Ann Arbor Data Dive (A2D2) is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of background. You volunteer your time and brain power, and we will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and give back to the community. We have a variety of possibilities for projects for people with a wide range of skill sets. Past participants have made interactive maps, conducted content analysis of YouTube comments, created heat maps of populations reached, proposed new database schemes, and much more.

To be more specific, we host an annual Data Dive event as well as educational events such as bootcamps and speaker series.


[ Graphic of icons describing that -- Everyone is welcome to Data Dive ! (Data Newbies, Students, Researchers, Community Nonprofits, Professionals, and you!) ]