A2 Data Dive is all about 3 things:

Data is a hot topic, but not a new one. We think it’s important to help people of all experience levels feel empowered to use data — and have fun while doing it.

There are many people in our community who are experts in data collection, analysis, and presentation. By connecting experts and professionals with students and novices, both groups learn together.

Many important organizations that serve our region have limited resources that restrict their ability to collect or analyze data in meaningful ways. Helping to accomplish small projects and present ideas or lessons for a non profit’s data work can have a lasting impact.

To bring these things together, we host an annual Data Dive.

The daylong event is open and free to students an community members. We offer the stories and datasets for local nonprofits and the attendees take on the rest. Data Divers are free to collaborate and work on the data in whatever way they choose. In the end, everyone has hands on experience with real data and nonprofits receive all ideas or results.  Learn more about Data Dive and how to get involved for 2016.

We also have educational events throughout the year.
See our scheduled bootcamps. Stay in touch to hear about more!