Data Dive 2017

Welcome to the Official Data Dive 2017 page!

Below you’ll be able to find some helpful tidbits on what the day will be like, and who to contact for help!

Here’s a mini map of the area for your reference!

Sorry in advance if the quality is not the greatest. We are working on getting a better visual.
We are meeting at 105 S State st, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

This map indicates where you will be able to find street parking (note: parking is enforced from 8am – 6pm on Saturdays where there are indicated meters, all other locations likely have 2 hour parking restrictions) and the 2 parking structures (Liberty St and Maynard st) that are nearest to the North Quadrangle (NQ) building! You can also reference this handy dandy wiki if you would like to find other alternatives!

Once you’ve found parking, the next step will be to find the Ann Arbor Data Dive! We will be waiting to welcome you to the Ann Arbor Data Dive event at the Thayer St. Entrance of North Quad. If you follow along on the linked PDF,  you’ll see the entrance marked ‘2’ or the Thayer-Washington Plaza entrance. Fear not! We will also have guiding signs to get you to where you need to go!


Once you find us, you’ll check in with one of our volunteers and pick up some of our awesome swag and be on your way to either the bootcamps, or the data dive pitches!

Bootcamps – Both sessions will take place in North Quad RM 2255

8:30 AM – 9:30AM: Data Manipulation in Python with Jeff Lockhart

Materials for this session are available at:

In this session, we will explore a “cookbook” of “recipes” for common data manipulation and wrangling tasks, specifically geared toward manipulating your client’s raw data during the data dive. We will specifically focus on using Anaconda and a variety of common Python packages to execute recipes for merging datasets, breaking and rearranging data fields, analyzing data, summarizing by groups, handling categorical data, creating indicator variables, and scaling quantitative variables, among other exciting things! If we have time, we will also look at some quick, useful data vis tools in Python.

10:00AM – 11:00AM: Data Visualization in Tableau with Tim Cook

We encourage you to download Tableau in advance. Please visit Installing Tableau.

In this session, we’ll cover the process of loading, analyzing, and visualizing data in Tableau, introducing the Tableau interface and how to connect it to data, with guidance and suggestions on preparing high-impact visualizations and dashboards with Tableau. Following this are topics that might be of special interest to Data Divers, including dealing with different data types/formats, summarizing data within Tableau, filtering, using categorical data, and replicating the same visualization/dashboard for multiple datasets. There will be sample data to get everyone started, but participants should also feel free to bring their own data and explore that if they prefer.

Data Dive Schedule

Here is the data dive schedule! It has information on where in NQ we will be holding all events, and from what times to what times we will be having them!

We welcome you to join us for lunch (on us!) and our info session where we will be talking in depth about what you’ll be helping our 4 organizations with!

   You can find data dive materials for the 4 community organizations at the following links:


Depending on which sessions you choose to participate in, you’ll need to be in touch with the community partner consultants in charge to get access to the data sets!