Data Dive

The Event Format

Ann Arbor Data Dive event is an annual Hackathon-like event plus months of preparations. Every year, we recruit the non-profit organization clients in need of insights into their data during the summer. From September to October, Data Consultant teams will be assigned to organizations to analyze the issues and articulate the problems into more detailed Data Science questions. In November, the Data Dive event is launched, and Data Divers will work with Data Consultants to deliver solutions to the clients.

What’s new in 2017?

By learning from the past Data Dive events experiences, we are making the following major changes to the event:

  • We are expanding the event to two days to give participants more scheduling flexibility.
  • We add an official half-day bootcamp to better prepare Data Divers with necessary skills to help the participating non-profit organizations.
  • We plan to invite guest judges from the data science field to offer further advices and guidance to the solutions generated during the event. This will motivate participants to produce more professional, complete, and tailored analysis.
  • Last but not least, we will hold an official networking mixer following the conclusion of the Dive to bring together beautiful minds in our community.

Get Involved

Non-profit Organization
Registration is open! If you are a non-profit organization envisioning a better use for your data, we are already excited to have you apply! In addition, we would like your organization to already have some data (or currently going through the process of collecting data) and be able to provide assistance/support regarding questions about the data. You can refer to the previous Data Dive participants.

The participation in the Data Dive happens through an application process and is awarded on a competitive basis. Please fill out the very brief online application here: by 2017/07/25 to tell us more about the work you would like help with. Be sure to give us as much information as you can – the more we know about you, the better we can assess your application.

Data Consultant Team
The Data Consultant team will negotiate with the client to segment the needs, explore the data’s potentials, draft the solution framework, and assess the feasibility. Consultants will then prepare the articulated questions for Data Divers to solve. During the Data Dive event, the team will also organize Data Divers to present and deliver solutions to the clients. One team will be assigned to one organization client and lead multiple Data Divers. Masters-level and bachelors-level students are welcome to apply. Registration for 2017 Data Consultant Teams expects to open in mid-August.

Data Diver
A Data Diver is a volunteer serving during the 2-day Data Dive event, and is expected to conduct data cleaning, data analysis, and communicate findings with the assigned Data Consultant team. Masters-level and bachelors-level students are welcome to apply. Registration for 2017 Data Divers expects to open in October.

We would love to have sponsors to enhance the events experience. Feel free to contact us at

Event Logo Competition
Want to polish up UI design skills? This year we will host a event logo design competition for A2D2. Details and requirements will be announced in September. Stay in loop!


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