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Data Cleaning with R Bootcamp

Please join A2DataDive on Tuesday, November 8th from 12-1 in NQ 2185 for a bootcamp on statistical analysis using R.

Data Cleaning with R
Tuesday, November 8, 12-1 pm in NQ 2185

In this session, we will explore a “cookbook” of “recipes” for common data cleaning and wrangling tasks, specifically geared toward preparing your client’s raw data for the data dive. We will specifically focus on using R/RStudio and a variety of common R libraries to execute recipes for merging datasets, cleaning and rearranging text fields, pivoting/reshaping data, summarizing by groups, handling categorical data, creating indicator variables, scaling quantitative variables, and other tasks requested in the pre-bootcamp survey. If we have time, we will also look at some quick, useful exploratory data analysis tools in R.

If you are attending this session, please share what your needs are by filling out this 30-second survey. Please also download RStudio before the session.